Can Never Say Goodbye to the White Beach of Boracay

I can never say goodbye to the White Beach of Boracay, only till I see you again, and I have enumerated some of the reasons that keep me coming back to this wonderful beach.

 I know many Filipinos and foreigners from all over the world keep coming back to Boracay also and it could be because of the variety of nationalities that you could meet here.

It could also be the party, the night life, or could be the different water activities.  Aside from the white powdery sands that stay cool even when the sun is blazing hot, the restaurants keep me wanting to come back to this place. One of the great things about the restaurants is that some of them are at the beachfront and I think, this is the only place I know where the restaurants are just a few steps away from the shore. People are even allowed to enter the restaurants even with wet clothes on or with bare feet (or should I say, with sandy feet).

These are the restaurants where we had the most delicious meals and where we were really satisfied. 

LA COZINA – This is a must try. Their place is not so big and very simple but the food is so tasty and sumptuously flavoursome. It happens to be just downstairs of Zuzuni Hotel where we stayed so our free breakfast was also served by them and their breakfast is also very delicious specially the sandwiches. They also have yummy Churros.

 TRES AMIGOS –  If you are in a group, this place will be perfect, because their food are mostly for sharing. The food is mouthwatering already even before you taste it and the taste is as luscious as it looks. Tres Amigos is at D Mall.

ESTACIA UNO- is actually a hotel, but you can still dine in even you are staying in another hotel. The food is delectable but a bit pricey. It is located in Station 1.

HAMA RESTAURANT – If you like Japanese food, then you can try this restaurant. Don’t forget to order their Las Vegas Roll because it’s the bomb!

LEMONI CAFÉ – offers delicious desserts but their pastas and salads are good as well. This is also located inside D Mall.

REAL COFFEE – You love coffee, then Real Coffee is the place to be. But not me, so I order their Calamansi Muffin which is very yummy.

TOM TOMS COFFEE – Another one for the coffee lovers, but they also serve tasty pretzels.

BUFFET at CURRENT by ASTORIA – If you have an appetite, then you can try the dinner buffet at the Station 3. We were so blessed to have this for free since they are promoting the Astoria Hotel Membership; all we had to do was to listen to their presentation. If you like it and have the money, why not be a member.

There are hundreds of foods to try at the White Beach, but if you are not as adventurous like us, you can always go to some of the famous fast food and restaurants like the Jollibee, Andoks, McDonalds, Shakeys, Pizza Hut, and even Army Navy.

 Another reason on my list is of course the white sands. Boracay Island consists of many beaches but it is only in the White Beach where the sands is finest and nearest white. This beach has three stations, and they call it Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3.


STATION 1 is my favourite amongst the three because this is where you’ll find the most powdery and whitey sand. Even the sands in the shore of Shangrila Hotel is not as powdery as the one in Station 1. I also love this station because no boats dock in this part of the beach. So you can swim all you want because no boat is going to bother you. It is where you can do Stand Up Paddling also for the same reason. But there are very few restaurants here. Most of them are Hotel Restaurants so expect it to be pricey. This is also where people get their tan because they can easily unrolled their mats and lie down cause there are less crowd in this station.


STATION 2 has more restaurants and you’ll even find Starbucks here. If you also want to do water activities, such as helmet diving, this where you will find people to assist you and this is where they let you wait for your turn specially if there are a lot of costumers.

There are a lot of boats in this station waiting for your tour around the island or for your island hopping. The sand here is a little white and a little powdery already.


Station 3 is known to be the loudest because many parties and discos happen here. But in the midst of this station’s crowd, we found relaxation at the new hotel by Astoria called Current. We were really blessed to be given a chance to check in to this beautiful hotel for free. The facilities are amazing and the crew are wonderfully accommodating.


The Shores of Shangrila Hotel

We also had a chance to check out the shores of the Shangrila Hotel. This is where celebrities and rich people from all over the world stay. Its shores is just adjacent to Station 1 but you need a boat ride to transfer there unless you have accommodations in the hotel. Unfortunately the sands here are not as powdery as in the White Beach. It is has pebbles also so I still prefer the Station 1.


There are a lot of accommodations in Boracay. If you are on a budget, there are 500 worth rooms but of course they are not as fancy as those 4 to 5 digit rooms. If you have some money to spare, choose those with free breakfast so you have one less meal to plan for every day. But its okay to stay in a cheap room specially if you are not going to stay in the hotel and will be staying at the beach. Anyway you can always have staycation in Manila or in any city so take most of your time at beach to make your stay in Boracay worthwhile. The non beach front hotels are of course cheaper, if you are good for walking then you can save more if you choose this. I actually prefer to spend more money on meals. Hehe

Photos are taken by kris carlos, and our sistah ryah. 😃 Enjoy! 


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