The Way Up to Mt. Ulap

Is climbing mountains in your bucket lists or do you want to do something challenging? Read this blog and find out if Mt. Ulap Eco-trail could be your answer.  If you have decided to take the Way Up to Mt. Ulap I also have listed 10 things to help you enjoy this wonderful experience. 

This is what we did on our first wedding anniversary since I wanted to do something challenging and something unforgettable, and it was truly a tough and an extraordinary experience.

Unlike the usual day hike, this offers three summits. The first peak is the Ambanaw Paway which is 3.6 km away from the starting point and 1788 mASL (meters above sea level). There are two ascends in here also. The first one is where you will find the signage and grassland covering the whole mountain.


In the second ascend you will find towers of rocks built by the hikers, and of course my husband made one for us.  So make sure to build one when you get there.

The second peak is  Gungal which is 5.4 km away from the starting point and 1814 mASL.


This is where your patience will be tested because hikers have to wait and line up for their turn to take their pictures on the Gungal Rock. The rock in this picture is actually not the highest but the guides do not allow hikers to climb up the highest rock for pictures because accidents happened already and they do not want to risk anybody anymore. I know some hikers would insist but I suggest we cooperate and follow their rules because if anything bad happens they might lose their jobs, so better climb up the safe spots. Anyway you do not want this to be your last, right?

The Gungal Rock is a bit slanting so the guides suggest that you do GPS as in Gapang Para Safe. You really have to be careful because this rock is very high and there are solid rocks under it. But the guides would help you walk to the edge of the rock. They are sure footed as a donkey so if your knees would shake better ask for their help and follow their instructions. Hikers are not allowed to sit on the edge of the rock, so please don’t try it.


You can stand or sit, have a couple or group shot and since this is our anniversary adventure we did a  romantic kissing shot.

The third peak is the Mt. Ulap which is 6.5 km away from the starting point and 1846 mASL.



If you want to catch this beautiful sunrise and the sea of clouds in Mt. Ulap, I suggest you do the reverse hike like what our tour guide, the PINIKPIKAN TEAM made us do. The ascend was difficult because it was like climbing up very steep stairs for more than an hour. My heart throbbed so fast I thought it was going to explode but our local guide Oliver Bolisio encouraged us to rest anytime we want, and so we stopped everytime my throat was drying up. I drank a little cause I did not want to take a pee in the woods. It was a bit difficult but this sunrise was definitely worth every step we took.


Ten things to help you enjoy your way up to Mt. Ulap.

  1. Pray – always pray before doing anything!!! Ask for God’s provision, guidance and for a nice weather.
  2. Train – especially if you are going to take the reverse hike. But even in taking the traverse, I still suggest you do some simple and basic training. Just run at least two kilometres a day, and better if you could climb up and down staircases at least twice a day, then add another floor every week. These are just some suggestion I could think of. It would just be better if you conditioned your body for the climb so it would not be an excruciating experience.
  3. Wear the Trekking/ Hiking Rubber Shoes – because some shoes might be too slippery and this may cause injuries.
  4. Bring the necessary things only such as trail food (biscuits/energy bar), at least two bottles of Gatorade/ Pocari Sweat/ Water, flashlight, cellphone, lightweight camera, small towel, and small first-aid kit ( Just one for your group). Believe me these are the only things you will need. Do not give yourself such a difficult time carrying unnecessary things. Remember you are CLIMBING UP a mountain not going for walk on a plain.
  5. Wear dry fit clothes so you won’t need to change and bring extra clothes
  6. Wear something dark-colored OOTDs so you would be visible in your pictures.
  7. Charge your phone, camera and flashlight. It would be devastating not to capture those wonderful moments.
  8. Bring all your garbage such as food wrappers and bottles etc… on your way down.
  9. Follow the rules given by the guides. Do not climb up rocks which are too high. Always ask your guide if the edges are safe to go to before taking pictures. Your life is more important than your profile picture.
  10. Enjoy and set your mind to finish the hike. Whatever happens you just smile and enjoy the climb. Just take one step at a time, you’ll get there. Do not be such a bummer, if you go there make sure you prepare your mind and yourself to take the challenge.


Thanks to PINIKPIKAN TEAM OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES  for a worry free day hike at Mt. Ulap, you might want to call them if you plan to hike also. You may call sir Paul Loiue Serrano at 09175417759, he is very accommodating. Thanks also to our local tour guide who was a criminology student Oliver Bolisio!!

With Oliver Bolisio, our local tour guide.


With Sir Paul Louie Serrano of Pinikpikan Team

Hope you’ll have an incredible experience on your WAY UP at Mt. ULAP.

The CKERS find God’s wonderful creations!!!!

Keep CKing!!!


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