Corregidor Marathon

After two years, we ran a total of 11 races, one 3K, three 5Ks, two 10Ks, one 16K, four 21Ks,  and one 25K. So we decided to run a full marathon already. It took us a while to choose which full marathon are we willing to make our first. Finally, I have chosen Corregidor Marathon 2015, for the following reasons:

1. Its amazingly beautiful route which consists of historical ruins and cannons, lovely forests and beach.

2. Its finisher’s medal which weighs .5kg and 5 inch diameter.

3. and its date, January 17 falls on our monsary.

Unfortunately, it was moved to March because a NO-SAILING POLICY was declared on the 17th of January. I cried when I learned this but we know that all things work together for good to them that love God (Rom 8:28) so i stopped crying and thank God for another couple of months to train.

Then the long wait was finally over, we arrived at the Sun Cruises Terminal at around 11:00 am. We got our board passes and waited for the cruise to arrive.


My handsome ayat Carlos, me and his cousin Jonathan at the Sun Cruises Terminal.IMG_3818

The board pass was a sticker that you have to put somewhere in your shirt.

The cruise came about an hour late, we were supposed to board at 1:30 but it arrived after 2:00. So the cruise left the port at around 3:00pm.IMG_3860

There’s the cruise ship behind us.


It was air-conditioned inside the ship. But there was an open area at the back of the ship and that’s where we stayed since it was our first time. IMG_3913

There was a snack bar also inside the cruise ship.

After almost an hour and a half, we arrived at the Corregidor port, and several unique buses welcomed us and very friendly tour guides and organizers.

IMG_4043IMG_4150IMG_4129IMG_4104The buses tour us around the island, then we had our carbo-loading buffet. It included potato salad, chicken, pansit and rice. It was really full of carbohydrates to prepare us for the next day. We slept early and woke up at 4am. We prepare everything that we needed the night before. At 5am we ate our breakfast which consisted of egg, hotdog and fried rice. After that we headed to the starting line.


The race did not start on time because it was still very dark at six. The gun shot was fired at around 6:15am. The route proved its toughness after only the second kilometer (i think) where our momentum slowed down cause we had to run up, or maybe climb up, is more appropriate, a very steep uphill. It was angled at almost 50 degrees, i think, that runners were not able to run up the hill. My body was almost at a crawling position, and that cement road was at least a kilometer long. Then after that excruciating uphill, a very beautiful scenery replaced it so it was all worth it.

1614611_898196953576242_1231017297478300560_o IMG_4471

This was after we passed the tunnel for the first time. Unfortunately, i fell to my knees after we got some El Lobo drinks. At that time, i didn’t feel any pain thanks to my adrenaline.

IMG_4472 IMG_4473

Then we went inside the forest. It was beautiful there for it did not make me feel tired at all. The wind refreshed my every breath and the crunchy sound of the leaves every time we step on them was addicting. We were protected by the branches of the tall trees and it gave a serene touch to my sight. Monkeys were everywhere as if they were marshals checking on us.

IMG_4476  IMG_4479  IMG_4483 IMG_4484

Our eyes feasted on history as we pass by some mysterious ruins, cannons, and of course the ETERNAL FLAME MONUMENT, which reminded us of the indomitable spirit of our fellow Filipinos. They did not cease to hope for victory in spite of the darkness that strangled their freedom during the second World War.   IMG_448911034331_898434240219180_936004347836082691_o

1974400_898434173552520_2742650971829996417_oSnapshot 1 (6-20-2015 7-30 PM)Snapshot 4 (6-20-2015 7-32 PM)

There were some breathtaking beaches. The first one was beside a kilometer long road that took every strand of my weakening muscles and uplifted my soul and mind. The second was right beside us, we ran along its sandy and rocky shore but i was delighted cause i felt like its sand and tiny rocks were massaging my aching feet.

IMG_4475 IMG_4481IMG_4486 IMG_4490IMG_4491

As we passed these banners indicating the distances that we have finished, I felt closer and closer to the end of this unforgettable experience. I, together with my loving ayat, who helped me build up my collapsing strength, will go back to this day and remember how we held each other and prayed together for the will and strength that we needed. Every frame of this beautiful island definitely kept our body and heart going, but when the sun scourged us with its heat we were literally dragging our legs. Then after we pass through the tunnel for the third and last time, we soon saw the most fulfilling sight runners will ever see -THE FINISH LINE.IMG_4492Snapshot 1 (6-20-2015 7-52 PM)

I started crying already and i started feeling the pain in my knee. But i didn’t really care especially the moment we crossed that line after seven hours, received our huge medal, and hugged and kissed each other. WE SURVIVED OUR FIRST 42K, FULL MARATHON in CORREGIDOR which happens to be ASIA’S TOUGHEST MARATHON! I also have to acknowledge the organizer of this race, they definitely did a great job. They provided us with nuts, raisins, sliced bananas (lakatan and saba), honey, ice, cold water and El Lobo energy drink and they provided us with coke as we were nearing the finish line. They also partnered with the RUNNING PHOTOGRAPHERS which i have to say, are by far the best in this aspect. I get my running photos from different groups but theirs are always the best.

FB_IMG_1426638854602 FB_IMG_1426638860921 FB_IMG_1426638902219 FB_IMG_1426638911285 FB_IMG_1426638930245

  IMG_4588IMG_4608 IMG_4604IMG_4610





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